Ahh, Bare Escentuals Holiday 2010 offerings are starting to trickle in. This is the offering at the .com and boutique. If you act quickly enough, you might still be able to use the code GLAMOUR for 20% off the online store. All the holiday kits look to have ribbons as a theme (Sephora has their Shimmer and Shine here)

Pictures will tell the rest of the story of this kit. It’s a top 5 for sure.

contents courtesy of BE.com
Original Mineral Veil
Satin Ruffle Eyecolor (nude satin)
Frills Eyecolor (charcoal moss)
Pink Ribbon Blush (sheer raspberry pink)
100% Natural Lipgloss in Icing (sheer playful pink)
Big & Bright Eyeliner in Charbronze (antique brown)
Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
Eye Shaping Brush
Flawless Application Face Brush
Keepsake box for storing all of your treasures

the nail polish are the OPI Burlesque glitters

Satin Ruffle dry from lash to crease
Frills dry in the crease/V
Charbronze lined top and bottom and smudged
Pink Ribbon Blush
Lip Gloss in Icing
Flawless Volumizing Mascara


This kit was an awesome, mistake price on QVC.  It was $23 or so.  It came with 2 full size colors in Vivid and Limelight, a Big Bright and Bold pencil in Indigo and a tapered eye brush.  As this kit would indicate, it’s bright and bold.  Maybe not the liner pencil but it helps to make it more wearable. Blending the colors out a bit also helps. It’s a lot of fun to foil and love that we have some bright colors to play with for a good price. This is still available through most outlets (BE.com, Boutiques, Ulta, Nordstrom)

Courtesy of Nordstrom.com

Limelight from lash to crease and blended out – Vivid in the crease – Indigo lined upper and lower lashes – Dior Extase mascara.

Disclosure: I purchased this myself.

The Ultimate Grand is a huge, relatively expensive kit offereing from QVC (I think they offer this 2x a year) It includes a lot of products for around $100 sometimes easy pay and sometimes not.  I have passed on them in the past, just not enough products I was interested in.  This one got my attention, I just don’t know if I love it.  These colors just may not be the most original or unique – they’re blue based gray with some repeated face products.  The glosses will eventually be single.  The brushes are nice – we haven’t seen the full flawless face brush in a kit for a while and I think the tapered end of the brush doesn’t do this kit much good.  It doesn’t allow an easy blend, especially for the matte shades.  If Beyond Gorgeous didn’t come out, I would have no doubt that I’d keep this.

This edition is all about matte and luminous looks.  It includes a standard booklet with 3 suggested looked (matte, luminous and a combo of both) I decided to show you what they look like according to the suggested looks.

Lets start with the contents – all brand new items and all in click n lock  (except the foundation,  secret radiance and cranberry sorbet) courtesy of QVC

  • 0.07 oz original SPF 15 foundation (not full size – click n lock)
  • 0.05 oz matte SPF 15 foundation (not full size – click n lock)
  • 0.03 oz Secret Radiance allover face color, a sheer golden glow (click n lock)
  • 0.03 oz blush in Exhilarate, a raspberry sorbet shade (click n lock)
  • 0.02 oz eye color in Willow Matte, a matte champagne taupe
  • 0.02 oz eye color in Willow Glimmer, a champagne taupe glimmer
  • 0.02 oz eye color in Pashmina Matte, a matte charcoal smoke shade
  • 0.02 oz eye color in Pashmina Glimmer, a charcoal smoke glimmer
  • 0.14 fl oz 100% natural lip gloss in Cranberry Sorbet, a flushed cran-apple shade
  • 0.14 fl oz 100% natural lip gloss in Spritzer, a pale pink shimmer
  • Double-ended brush (blush and tapered)
  • Flawless face brush (full version)

Willow Matte on the left – dry bottom, foiled top.  Pashmina Matte on the right – dry bottom, foiled top.

I used everything dry.  Willow Matte lash to brow and Pashmina Matte in the crease/V and Willow Matte to line, Exhilarate Blush and Cranberry Sorbet lip gloss.  I used Flawless Volumizing mascara

Luminous look
Willow on the left – bottom is dry, top is foiled – Pashmina on the right – bottom is dry, top is foiled

Much like above except the other luminous colors.  Pashmina dry from lash to brow, Willow in the crease/V and dry lined, Secret Radiance and Spritz lip gloss.  I did add faux tan matte because it just needed something.

Combination look

Pashmina Matte lash to crease, Willow in the crease/V, Willow wetlines Exhilarate blush and Secret radiance, Cranberry Sorbet Lip gloss with a dab of Spritz in the middle for a hint of sparkle.


BE has some kits ‘on sale’ at Sephora..

Crash Course for $16 (originally $22) this is my fave of the bunch.

Meet the Browns/Nuts/Grays (gray’s being my fave) $15 (orig $32)

Free to BE $25 (this has been around for sale a lot)

and some others.. go check it out!


she’ll have a look up tomorrow! I’m on the fence, I’m just not sure I’d use everything except the blush (so I’m trying to find a dupe)

North Beach, Cable Cars, sourdough bread and the Golden Gate Bridge – all iconic San Fran and all imortilized in BE’s San Francisco collection (available only on QVC.com A198956)

North Beach eye color – a pink fog, Cable Car  eye shadow- gilded burgundy, similar to the actual color of the cars,  Golden Gate blush (available as a single) and Sourdough lip gloss – sunlit nude.  The shadows are more like glimpses than glimmers and as usual they are easy to blend.  Cable Car is especially pretty wet lined.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Eyes: BE Buxom Stay-there “Poodle” from lash to brow
North Beach from lash to crease
Cable Car outer 1/3 blended into crease

Face: BE Fairly Light mix of matte and original
Pure Luxe Mineral Salmon Concealer
BE Well Rested
Golden Gate Blush

Sourdough Lip Gloss

It’s almost here!! Can’t wait? Head on over to MineralMadness.com in their BE News section to check out the updated preview of what’s to come (3 new kits, 1 new lipgloss kit and skincare) as well as the hours (all broken down into time zones, how nice!)

Go over to MineralMadness and check out the announcements (post # 403680)

I need to get this up and going well! I have pictures waiting but was having problems with batch watermarking.  I gave up and let other stuff get in the way.   I’ll get everything up ASAP!  I now will have more time to fix the script to batch process these things which makes updating the blog a million times faster with plenty of pictures.

I recently moved shifts at my job and I’m so thrilled! I hope I can figure out a good time to take photos since my schedule has changed.

BE will be on QVC soon and there are TONS of new things coming down the pike!  MineralMadness has some things posted up now like the 7 piece Girlfriend Kit (A203950) It is currently listed as a ‘Try Me’ price which is the lowest it’ll be.  It’s possible it won’t be that low the day of the show so if you like the new Bright and Bold liners, want some new colors and even a mini Leslie buxom – this kit is SUCH a good value.  I love the Spf 25 mineral veil – it’s so finely milled and some swatches I’ve seen on the popular BE fan sites, the eye colors have a great sheen.  The liner isn’t such a hit for me (it smudges even in nice weather)  I do put liner sealer over the ones I have opened to use up but that just seems to be a waste for me and it changes the color a bit.  I know a lot of people really like these, I’m just in the minority.

A good value I did take advantage of was Big, Bright and Bold kit (A203773) – a Try Me price was 18.24!!.  This is going to be at other locations so maybe you can take advantage of a future discount code or a full punch card but it is still a nice price for 3 full size items and a brush that hasn’t been in the majority of kits over the years.

There are so many more items coming up – be sure to check out some of the swatches of my pics here and visit the BE fan sites for more of the others! I’ll do my best to point you all in the right direction to great pics and posts from the fan sites of the stuff I didn’t choose.

Other newness from Bare Escentuals is at Sephora – the new Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow – the pups shadows! They are getting rave reviews for really being budge proof and bright.  I’m trying to decide on a color to try out (or 2) since I have tough eye lids.  I can’t wait to review and try out the texture, it’s suppose to be pretty different!

Urban Decay put out a new (permanent) palette as I’m sure you’ve heard about, “Naked”.  I bought it 2 weeks ago at Sephora (thank you Sephora KOP!) and I’ve been using it daily since.  The quality is excellent and the colors are so nice to combine.  Urban Decay really did a great job with this and the price? $44!  You can get it just about everywhere but the demand has been so high that it sells out almost instantly.  Get on those ’email me when available’ and subscribe to Urban Decay on twitter/facebook if you haven’t been able to snag yourself one.  I’ll hopefully do one GIANT post with all the looks I like but for now MakeUpGeek has a great tutorial for a FUN smoky eye.

In other UD news I’ve been using their De-Slick in a Tube and the De-slick Oil Control Setting Spray.  I’m trying to decide which product does a better job but I just am not sure – I’ve been using them for 4 months (spray lasted the longest and the tube was about 3 though I used too much IMO)  I plan on stocking up this month since their Friends & Family sale for 30% off is almost here!

new home…


I haven’t been blogging at all since we bought and moved into our new (fixer upper) home, found the other blog a bit more challenging to use and the hyphen in ‘glitter-ific’ was really annoying.  I like the options available on wordpress and I can even update on my phone!  I hope people enjoy my random beauty posts and find my swatches helpful.  It’ll be a big mix of old and new, comparisons and an occasional foodie post.

I hope you’ll follow me over here and enjoy the few things I post about.  If you had a request, feel free to email me.  I have a TON of new things coming up (Buzzworthy, QVC June 2010 TSV “Rethink”, QVC BE Addicts Volume I to name a few)

PS. Did you see the Progressive commercial?  Flow loves to bundle  ‘Unicorns & Glitter’! A girl after my own heart!