QVC-Ultimate Grand version Matte and Luminous


Disclosure: I purchased this myself.

The Ultimate Grand is a huge, relatively expensive kit offereing from QVC (I think they offer this 2x a year) It includes a lot of products for around $100 sometimes easy pay and sometimes not.  I have passed on them in the past, just not enough products I was interested in.  This one got my attention, I just don’t know if I love it.  These colors just may not be the most original or unique – they’re blue based gray with some repeated face products.  The glosses will eventually be single.  The brushes are nice – we haven’t seen the full flawless face brush in a kit for a while and I think the tapered end of the brush doesn’t do this kit much good.  It doesn’t allow an easy blend, especially for the matte shades.  If Beyond Gorgeous didn’t come out, I would have no doubt that I’d keep this.

This edition is all about matte and luminous looks.  It includes a standard booklet with 3 suggested looked (matte, luminous and a combo of both) I decided to show you what they look like according to the suggested looks.

Lets start with the contents – all brand new items and all in click n lock  (except the foundation,  secret radiance and cranberry sorbet) courtesy of QVC

  • 0.07 oz original SPF 15 foundation (not full size – click n lock)
  • 0.05 oz matte SPF 15 foundation (not full size – click n lock)
  • 0.03 oz Secret Radiance allover face color, a sheer golden glow (click n lock)
  • 0.03 oz blush in Exhilarate, a raspberry sorbet shade (click n lock)
  • 0.02 oz eye color in Willow Matte, a matte champagne taupe
  • 0.02 oz eye color in Willow Glimmer, a champagne taupe glimmer
  • 0.02 oz eye color in Pashmina Matte, a matte charcoal smoke shade
  • 0.02 oz eye color in Pashmina Glimmer, a charcoal smoke glimmer
  • 0.14 fl oz 100% natural lip gloss in Cranberry Sorbet, a flushed cran-apple shade
  • 0.14 fl oz 100% natural lip gloss in Spritzer, a pale pink shimmer
  • Double-ended brush (blush and tapered)
  • Flawless face brush (full version)

Willow Matte on the left – dry bottom, foiled top.  Pashmina Matte on the right – dry bottom, foiled top.

I used everything dry.  Willow Matte lash to brow and Pashmina Matte in the crease/V and Willow Matte to line, Exhilarate Blush and Cranberry Sorbet lip gloss.  I used Flawless Volumizing mascara

Luminous look
Willow on the left – bottom is dry, top is foiled – Pashmina on the right – bottom is dry, top is foiled

Much like above except the other luminous colors.  Pashmina dry from lash to brow, Willow in the crease/V and dry lined, Secret Radiance and Spritz lip gloss.  I did add faux tan matte because it just needed something.

Combination look

Pashmina Matte lash to crease, Willow in the crease/V, Willow wetlines Exhilarate blush and Secret radiance, Cranberry Sorbet Lip gloss with a dab of Spritz in the middle for a hint of sparkle.


2 Responses to “QVC-Ultimate Grand version Matte and Luminous”

  1. 1 SandyO

    So pretty ~ you can shill any time, girlfriend!!!
    Thanks for the in-depth review, too!

  2. Why thank you, Sandy 🙂 Kits this big are hard to do in the forum.

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