Archive for August, 2010—b-h2b-gwp–om-us-botnavbesale-bn-h-&dicid=431352:17551439266:23077370 BE has some kits ‘on sale’ at Sephora.. Crash Course for $16 (originally $22) this is my fave of the bunch. Meet the Browns/Nuts/Grays (gray’s being my fave) $15 (orig $32) Free to BE $25 (this has been around for sale a lot) and some others.. go check it out! she’ll have a look up tomorrow! I’m on the fence, I’m just not sure I’d use everything except the blush (so I’m trying to find a dupe)

North Beach, Cable Cars, sourdough bread and the Golden Gate Bridge – all iconic San Fran and all imortilized in BE’s San Francisco collection (available only on A198956) North Beach eye color – a pink fog, Cable Car  eye shadow- gilded burgundy, similar to the actual color of the cars,  Golden Gate blush (available […]

It’s almost here!! Can’t wait? Head on over to in their BE News section to check out the updated preview of what’s to come (3 new kits, 1 new lipgloss kit and skincare) as well as the hours (all broken down into time zones, how nice!)

Go over to MineralMadness and check out the announcements (post # 403680)

I need to get this up and going well! I have pictures waiting but was having problems with batch watermarking.  I gave up and let other stuff get in the way.   I’ll get everything up ASAP!  I now will have more time to fix the script to batch process these things which makes updating […]