new home…


I haven’t been blogging at all since we bought and moved into our new (fixer upper) home, found the other blog a bit more challenging to use and the hyphen in ‘glitter-ific’ was really annoying.  I like the options available on wordpress and I can even update on my phone!  I hope people enjoy my random beauty posts and find my swatches helpful.  It’ll be a big mix of old and new, comparisons and an occasional foodie post.

I hope you’ll follow me over here and enjoy the few things I post about.  If you had a request, feel free to email me.  I have a TON of new things coming up (Buzzworthy, QVC June 2010 TSV “Rethink”, QVC BE Addicts Volume I to name a few)

PS. Did you see the Progressive commercial?  Flow loves to bundle  ‘Unicorns & Glitter’! A girl after my own heart!

One Response to “new home…”

  1. Looking forward to being part of your log. I recall your looks on QVC, Mineral Madness, etc.

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